Solidly constructed this, contemporary table will provide your family with years of competitive entertainment. There isn’t a better table for the price with features like a tempered glass playing surface, balanced tournament men, ball bearing bushings, drink holders and aluminum corners. We’re talking heavy duty with a top rail on this table at a full 1 ½” thickness. The cabinet is finished in a durable Formica laminate so that it is stain, scratch and burn resistant. It boasts commercial style leg levelers with rubber base for floor protection that provide for easy adjustment. Solid metal rods with traditional style black painted wood handles give a great feel and excellent responsiveness. The top weighted tournament men move quickly but will stay horizontal waiting for their next shot and the ball glides swiftly over the flat and level glass surface. The table has side ball returns for convenience and features deluxe dice style scorers. This table plays like a dream and will put up some seriously rough use. Comes with 4 foosball balls. Some assembly required.



Air Hockey:


Need a game to get the adrenaline going? Air Hockey is an exciting game that is played by people of all ages for fun and exercise. The puck rides a cushion of air, making it frictionless and incredibly fast; pay attention while you play!


 Air Hockey                                                                

Table Tennis:

Better known as Ping Pong, and there isn’t anyone that can’t enjoy a good game of this. Set up the net and see just who among you is the best.


ping pong table         ping pong paddle


If you’re looking to set up a game of Texas Hold’em with some friends, you’ve finally found the place! Cards, chips, accessories and even the table itself can be provided for the best price in town