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Homecraft has been making sauna heaters and supplying complete sauna kits for over 24 years. Each customer receives the same stainless-steel sauna heaters that are in daily use in thousands of commercial and residential sites.

A sauna is basically a dry heat with the addition of moisture to the air when water is sprinkled on the rocks. An adjustable exhaust wall vent on the opposite wall allows air to circulate. The exhaust wall vent should have sliding doors controlling the volume of air allowed into the room.

Regular saunas offer therapeutic value both for the body and mind. Studies indicate that saunas:

  • relax sore, tight, overworked and tired muscles
  • relieve daily stress and tension
  • relieve tension headaches
  • reduce and remove body toxins
  • fight off winter colds
  • increase cardiovascular strength
  • increase blood circulation
  • lower blood pressure (temporarily)
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve lung function
  • refresh and moisturize your skin
  • burn calories to help weight control
  • induce a deeper & more relaxing sleep


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